Terms and Conditions of Sale

Effective Date of the Terms: 15.08.2019

Last Updated: 15.08.2019

1. Information about Abbott

2. Terms and Conditions of Sale (“Terms”)

3. Other Applicable Terms

4. Your Account

5. Creating a Contract

  • You place an order for your Abbott Products on www.similac.abbott/uk/store/products by clicking on the “PRODUCTS” button. You will be guided through the process of placing an order by the instructions on https://stage.similac.abbott/uk/store/.
  • Please take the time to read and check the details entered at each stage of the order process.
  • After you place an order through the Purchase Channels, you will receive an email from Abbott acknowledging that your order has been received. Abbott’s acceptance of your order will take place when you receive an email that confirms that the Abbott Products have been dispatched
  • The contract between you and Abbott will only be formed when you receive the confirmation of dispatch of the Abbott Products. The contract will continue in effect until the Product warranty referred to in paragraph 18 expires, or, if you exercise your right to cancel (explained in paragraph 16 below), the contract will last until the Products have been returned to Abbott in accordance with these Terms and Abbott has refunded you in accordance with these Terms. Your obligations under the contract will cease when the contract ends.

6. Amending These Terms

7. Language of Terms and Contract

These Terms and any contract incorporating them shall be available in English only.

8. Contact Details - Abbott Nutrition

  • Any queries relating to orders or deliveries should be directed to the Customer Service team on 0333 600 1795
  • Any nutritional queries should be directed to the Freephone Nutrition helpline on 0800 252 882
  • Product quality complaints should be emailed to similacsupport@abbott.com

9. Use of Images

10. Information Available on this Website

11. Product Availability

12. Legal Rights

13. Delivery

14. Prices

Incorrect Prices:

15. Payment Method

16. Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation Prior to Delivery

Refunds after Delivery

(b) Unused Opened Product(s)

Cancellation Timeframe

Processing Refunds

17. Products

18. Quality Standards

19. Liability

20. Communications

21. Transfer of Contract

22. Interpretation of these Terms

23. Delay in Enforcement

24. Governing Law

. Dispute Resolution

26. Filing